Sunday, September 12, 2010

Write-ins included "Ze/zem/zeir/zemself" and the nebulous "Baked goods pronouns!"

Poll: What non-specified pronoun should I use? (Poll Closed) | (poll 3562051).

So, my general gender-non-specified pronoun is "they", but that's, well, kind of normal and it's plural and the ambiguity gets to me sometimes. So, I figure I'll do this the democratic way. I put together a few of my favorite invented pronouns (and, of course, they) from the wiki and threw together a poll. So, it's up to you readers: What pronoun should I use when talking about a person of non-specified/unknown gender? I'll leave this poll up for a week.

(yes, you're free to suggest your own. If you want to suggest a bunch- feel free to comment. Any really good ones may be added to the poll, although that might be complicated. But if someone suggests one that makes me go "Holy cow- that's perfect!" I may forego democracy.)

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