Saturday, September 18, 2010

Strawbreaking (via the Letter Z)

Anyone who wants to sign, comment here:
Whereas those factions of cisgender people by sanction of state or sanction of religion, either by explicit or implicit means, or by inaction:

  • have trivialized and ridiculed transgender people for the satisfaction of cisgender people,

  • have majority and systematic control over our transgender narratives,

  • have committed crimes of casual abuse against transgender people,

  • have committed crimes of psychological warfare against transgender people,

  • have sought to censure transgender people for expressing the desire to be treated with the same respect afforded cisgender people

  • have sought to inspire and incite violence and maltreatment against transgender people

  • have committed crimes of deprivation of liberty and crimes against humanity against transgender people

  • have committed crimes of murder against transgender people, and

  • have the desire of eradicating transgender people as a whole

Whereas those factions of cisgender people, nation states, organized religions, and religiously motivated groups have refused to address the above and take action to rememdy the above in a serious and timely fashion

Therefore, be it resolved that signatories or adherents to this document do solemnly declare war against those factions above and those States and organizations sanctioning and/or harboring them, and that signatories or adherents take any means necessary or desired (that would not be in themselves criminal acts) against those factions, States, and organizations with an end to the cessation of the crimes listed.

via the letter z. And, as Z went on to add:
I had to deliberately make it vague: for one reason, I don’t want the feds on me for incitement to violence, or whatever, hence the “without committing crimes” clause. The broad goal is to make those cis people who would see us exterminated know that they’re going to have a fight on their hands, and we’re not going to take it any more. I know that this is pretty much the attitude and goal of everyone who’s already in the fight, so this can be construed really as a message for cis people — we’re already engaged in the war, and cis people to know that they are the agressors in this war, and we’re fighting back and why. And it is something for me, at least, that makes it easier to deal with the news of the continued warfare against us, I suppose.

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