About the Blog

 This is kind of a branch-off blog of my main wordpress blog.  I'm mostly seeing if I like blogger at all (I used to have a blog on here... the I didn't) and since there are blogger blogs I like, I thought I'd give it a try. So it's basically a "best of" from that.

This blog is mostly to address issues relevant to me. Primarily gender things. I'm not really here to teach what gender is, it's a complicated thing, I'm just giving another personal account of what being a transgender person feels like- this time from a slightly different angle than usual.

On the Quotes- I don't know what prompted it, but I thought it'd be cool if I could find somewhat relevant quotes to start each blog with. I try to do 2 each. With few exceptions, these quotes come from me googling 'quotes' and whatever the subject is, and I just browse the results- not from anywhere specific. If they're from somewhere specific, I'll add a link.
I ended up dropping the quotes at some point because it cn be hard to do, but I still put them in when I want.

I also try to do a Fiction Friday every week, but probably won't post many of those here.